Peaches and Peonies is a handmade craft brand created by illustrator Priscilla Yuen, who also goes by the name scillAe.

Her illustrations are incorporated into her craft, every single one sewn individually with care, and detailed with contemplation. Made to cater specially to it's owner for long term, they are mostly washable** for durability and long-term maintenance/usage. She also tries her best to create original items which are solely Peaches and Peonies.

For you to cherish, Peaches and Peonies are her gifts to you.


Priscilla Yuen started sewing at the age of 10, at a school co-curricular activity, where she made her first bag. From there onwards, sewing was to her as dancing is to ballerinas - her own dose of endorphins.

Now at 23, she hopes to contribute in this field of handmade craft, by undertaking an endeavor which brings her joy.

** Unless combined with perishable material, such as metal chains, or steel earring studs.